Okay, right up front we’re gonna acknowledge this man is not in his right mind. We don’t know what’s up with him and it’s none of our business anyway, but that’s not really the point.

Here’s the point.

Did this guy just advance on a police officer, swinging some sort of weapon and shouting, “You’re gonna die!”? Did he just invade that cop’s space while threatening him? Did he actually strike that police officer’s arm?! To which the officer responded by…calmly talking him down?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where I’m going with this.

A police office shot and killed Botham Jean while he was sitting on his own couch eating ice cream. Another officer shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson while she played a video game with her nephew. Those officers were so terrified of black and brown bodies they murdered nonviolent adults inside their own homes.

Which makes this scene mind boggling. A highly agitated, unpredictable, aggressive, and armed man verbally and physically attacking the police – who’s still standing upright at the end of the video.

Except mind boggling? It’s really not. This is America. This is white privilege.

This is why they kneel.