“Do you know how to dress a turkey?”

What does that even mean? It’s one of those questions you hear on tv shows around Thanksgiving, something I figured the grownups learned in grownup school. Let’s just say I most certainly did not know how to dress a turkey before hosting our first family holiday but whatever. We’ve always been more about food than presentation around here.

[omg, I just googled “dress a turkey” and I had no idea THAT’S what it meant. ick.]

I must have Thanksgiving on the brain because that just made me think of how I never know what to wear. We’re hosting so it kinda sorta feels like I should look nice, but things can get a little heated in the kitchen (bwahahaha! see what I did there?) so dressy doesn’t really work. Leggings and an oversized shirt seems a bit slouchy although I think we’ll all admit that stretchy pants are the most reasonable choice for marathon eating. Thanksgiving tends to be a marathon holiday for my family in general with the gathering and the eating and the resting and the desserts and the birthday celebration to boot – we’re talking hours and hours of hanging out.

Maybe this year I’ll send out a dress code: “Lounging pajamas only. Bring your own blankie.”

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