Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I hardly even know where to start with this. Luckily, the twittersphere had no such hesitation. People chimed in all over the place: invasion of privacy, teaching his daughter that her body isn’t her own, policing sexuality, ignoring all semblance of healthy boundaries between a father and daughter. Then there was an entire wave of educational tweets about the hymen – don’t worry, I’ll spare you those.

It’s tragic that a Holocaust survivor faces this level of violent hatred in 2019. I’d say this falls under Disappointed But Not Surprised except it’s so damn dreadful that “disappointed” doesn’t even come close.

This one tweet inspired crowdsourced cat chronicles that twitter calls “How to annoy your owners: a guide by several cats.” Good times. Even funnier if you’re a cat owner.

Uh huh. Maybe if the president wants to dodge potential crowd booing he might consider avoiding, say, crowds he hasn’t handpicked for his rallies. Damn that pesky First Amendment.

Alabama followed up with this little gem.

Uh huh.

And this is for everyone who’s ever said cats are all eh about their people. Watch this clip then tell me that cat isn’t a freaking hero.