Dreams are a tricky thing. Most of mine come when I’m stressed out about something so I’m sure it will shock nobody to hear I’m not exactly dancing through fields of daisies. Nope. Nada dancing, nada daisies.

This is assuming I can even remember my dreams. A lot of the time they’re gone the second I’m awake, whisking off like kids after the ice cream truck music. If my wake up moment was a gif, my dreams would be that WHOOSH! Beep Beep! moment when Roadrunner flies off down the road. Just…BOOM. Gone.

But sometimes I remember bits and pieces, maybe just enough to cobble together a post about dreams. Here are a few of those nocturnal meanderings.

  • being chased down the street at night
  • running late to an appointment and realizing I don’t have the one thing I have to have with me
  • dark elevators
  • getting stuck in one of those hedge mazes (yeah, no idea, I must have eaten nachos too late that night)

Well, that doesn’t look very good now, does it? Most of the dreams that stick are panicky, terrifying, stressful, or scary. I’d like to think my nightly psychic adventures aren’t entirely composed of freakout material; I’d like to think there’s some dreams that pass through featuring ice cream and rainbow sprinkles.

I’d like to think that…but then I kick BrightSide in my dream running and I come back down to earth.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “dream.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use any way you’d like. Enjoy!