1.  I always roll into November with such big plans. Bold intentions, some would call them. Highfalutin ambitions, others might say. Some call it the eleventh month of the year, but I prefer to call it The Month That Starts With Fabulous Intentions And Ends With Panicky Weeping. ‘Tis the season.

2.  Time to welcome nine grocery shopping trips in the next two weeks while accepting I’ll still be missing that one random ingredient the day before Thanksgiving.

3.  Time to research gluten free gravy recipes that can be made without drippings from a roasted turkey because of course this can’t be easy.

4.  Also not easy to figure out when I’ll be able to do a gravy trial run since there’s stuff going on every blessed night this week.

5.  Time to embrace the fact that even though I vacuum at 10:00am there will be dog hair swooshing across wood floors by noon.

6.  Looks like we’ll also be embracing the notion that family is family, and family doesn’t mind a little extra floating fuzz.

7.  Time to accept frozen pizza as a valid dinner option.

8.  Because really, when is frozen pizza ever not a valid dinner option.

9.  Time to seize hold of the promise that maybe – just maybe – we’ll manage to coordinate cooking times so five dishes finish up before cooling temps take over.

10.  And without a doubt it is time to take up the battle cry: ‘Tis almost Turkey Day! Come one, come all, to feast upon ridiculous amounts of food and wine and nibbles galore! Please note: you do you, but we strongly advise against belts. Just sayin’.