1.  Straighten, re-straighten, then re-re-straighten the Christmas tree skirt until one of us dies or I accept the fact that the cat plays under it all day long.

2.  Run by the store to pick up the thing I need to replace the stuff I used by mistake while making food for, y’know, regular life.

3.  Vacuum. Because dog and cat hair waits for no man (or holiday).

4.  Fold the last – the last – no, really, the very last load of laundry before people come over.

5.  Rebound from the cruds after they ran me over and left germ prints on my back.

6.  Squeeze that last doctor’s appointment in before my deductible resets in 2020.

7.  Rejoice mightily because all the presents are finally, FINALLY wrapped – holy crap, we forgot the stockings, somebody run to Walgreens.

8.  Clean up dog puke in the family room because of course she did.

9.  Rehang last ornament plucked from the tree by a gentle giant or enthusiastic kitty climb.

10.  Take my recycling Jenga loss like a woman and empty the freaking bin. Sheesh.