2019 is winding down (or gearing up for the big finale, depending on your point of view). I’m sure there are some compulsive goal setters out there frantically working to check the last thing off their list before the clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve. I would not be one of them.

Truth be told I’m not even sure there was a list to begin with so how ’bout we do this thing backwards and make it a banner year.


15 Goals We Crushed In 2019

1.  Work out at the gym at least four days a week for ten consecutive weeks before dropping off the face of the earth again.

2.  Find the perfect no show sock.

3.  Learn three brilliant gift wrap hacks while still maintaining an utter inability to tie a bow.

4.  Discover the joy of of butter soft American Eagle jeans.

5.  Manage to create and mail out our first Christmas card in four years.

6.  An entire year with no emergency vet runs/hospitalizations for Gracie (knock on wood).

7.  Find a carpet cleaner tough enough for salsa, muddy paws, vomit, and wine stains.

8.  Buy, outgrow, then donate at least two rounds of kids’ pants.

9.  Another year without kitchen injuries requiring stitches, severe burn treatment, or concussion protocols.

10.  Finish five months of driving instruction without speeding tickets, fenders benders, or getting run off the road by maniacal rush hour drivers.

11.  Find at least three great locations for a chocolate stash in the new house.

12.  Recover from the Hair Color Debacle of 2018.

13.  Collect upwards of 2,000 e-mails.

14.  Spike heart rate and/or blood pressure twice daily reading up on politics in the twitterverse.

15.  Finish up with a stockpile of fourteen paper towel rolls, five mega boxes of gallon Ziplocs, three boxes of quart Ziplocs, six double pack boxes of sandwich Ziplocs, two Kleenex boxes, twelve toilet paper rolls, and assorted laundry supplies. Should the flood hit and you need supplies head on over to my house – we’ve got you covered.