1.  Professional smuggler: The thought of swallowing anything that will later need to be – ahem – “collected” is absolutely not okay with me.

2.  Deodorant tester: This isn’t the person who puts on the deodorant. It’s someone who sticks their nose in that person’s armpit and gives it a big old sniff for stinkiness. Yikes.

3.  Snake milker: These guys extract venom from extremely poisonous snakes like rattlesnakes and cobras. ‘Nuff said.

4.  Chicken sexer: I really can’t see myself wrestling newborn chicks so I can spy on their nether regions.

5.  Pet food tester: Eat dog food? Yes, people really do this for a living. No, I can’t imagine I’d be a very good taste tester after I throw up in my mouth a little.

6.  Diver: Not as exotic as #1-5 but the idea of spending my days strapped to an oxygen tank one hundred feet below the surface makes me freak.

7.  Disney princess: Dress up in a floor length gown, hair coiffed and sprayed to kingdom come, grinning like Cruise Director Barbie for ten hours straight? Nope. Can’t do it.

8.  Gum removal specialist: I’m not a fan of gum while it’s still wrapped in its pristine little wrapper, so I certainly don’t want to spend my days scraping away the germy wad you stuck under the table.

9.  Stripper: I like food too much for this to work.

10.  Hot yoga instructor: Where to begin. Flexibility. Tranquility while holding impossible positions. Plus passing out is bad form when you’re the instructor.