What’s something your brain tries to make you do, which you have to will yourself NOT to do? (could be a bad habit, a physical response to something…your interpretation is as good as mine!)

I’d say it’s the double and triple checking thing. I’ll back the car out of the garage and hit the button, then as I pull out of the driveway I always glance back to check that the door actually closed. Sometimes I check twice because my brain is just that fun. I’ve given up on this portion of the process because it is what it is, but on those days when I forget to double check I beat my brain into submission to keep from turning the car around because for the love, woman, IT’S FINE.

When someone finds out what you do, or where you are from, what question do they always ask you?

Definitely “So where have you lived?” when they learn I grew up in a Navy family. The answer – sometimes shortened, sometimes expanded, depending on the situation – is the Philippines, Hawaii, California, Virginia (twice), New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

What’s something terrifying that we’ve all come to accept as a fact of life?

That even with airport security intensified a thousand times over there’s still no guarantee we won’t end up on an airplane with a weapon that was missed or extremists determined to take down the plane regardless of whether their knives made it on board.

Should governments make laws to protect people from harming themselves? Could that even work? (yes this one is deep, maybe too deep).

On the surface this sounds like governmental intrusion into private lives, but when I really think about it I realize I agree with the basic premise. I believe highly addictive drugs should not be sold without a doctor’s prescription and that addictive tobacco products should be restricted to people eighteen and older. Some say speed limits are overreach but automobile fatalities decreased once they were enacted, and even if that decrease was due to seatbelt laws or increased safety in cars themselves those are both due to government intervention as well. I just wish states would take the leap and enact red flag gun laws.

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