1.  High school sports are fun. Like four-hours-round-trip-on-a-Friday-night-for-a-swim-meet kind of fun.

2.  Sweet tea, crunchy Cheetos, and a Snickers is a perfectly reasonable late night snack for a long drive home. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

3.  No, we can’t go get our nails done. Please stop asking.

4.  If Friday’s for swimming then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are for basketball. That seems fair.

5.  Okay, so maybe we had to cover gate and concessions for Saturday’s game but on the plus side we sell Welch’s fruit chews. Mmm.

6.  Made an impromptu decision to see Harriet on Saturday night. You guys, there aren’t enough words. Just go see it. Go on. You can thank me later.

7.  Followed that up with two hot fudge sundaes, mozzarella sticks, and a burger at our favorite old timey soda shoppe (thus the two pees and an e). Another mmm.

8.  We had to divide and conquer on Sunday – the hubby took some kids to the cabin after lunch while I hung around to take Bear to another basketball practice. That logged another two hours parked on a hard seat in a school gymnasium. I really, really need to invest in one of those comfy bleacher chairs.

9.  I was craving Mexican which turned out to be some kind of sign because guess who was running a drink special. Plus it wasn’t just any drink special, it was a special on JUMBO MARGARITAS. Yes, please and thank you.

10.  Time to get to bed. Tomorrow morning brings another basketball game and, let’s face it, another round of whatever hot off the press drama shows up on my doorstep. Might as well be lily fresh for it.