So I kept hearing stuff about these weighted blankets. They’re amazing! Best sleep I’ve had in years! Dropped off like a baby! and on and on and on. Except I guess I’m a naturally skeptical person because it didn’t matter how many people raved, I just.wasn’t.sure.

I mean, I’m a little hot flashy these days. Won’t that be a problem? Isn’t it hotter trapped under forty pounds of blanket? What happens when I combust, can’t escape, then pass out from heat stroke?

I’m also a little claustrophobic. (I know, I know, I’m all kinds of fun over here.) Won’t that be an issue? If feeling trapped in an elevator or walk-in closet can be a problem then isn’t being pressed into a mattress with zero space around me gonna be a hundred times worse?

Imagine my surprise when one of my favorite bloggers reviewed this exact thing! Apparently her husband likes to surprise her with internet health crazes and a weighted blanket was the latest one. Her perspective was illuminating, to say the least. You should roll on over there and check it out.

“I don’t know the science behind linens that crush you a little bit, but apparently weighted blankets cure everything from insomnia to anxiety. They’re supposed to help with sensory issues. I think maybe they cure rickets, too. Or was it scurvy? I don’t know.

So, the husband is very excited about his internet research and he comes in one day like Oprah. You get a weighted blanket and you get a weighted blanket! Seriously. This man spent a lot of money from his yearly bonus to have really expensive heavy blankets shipped to his entire family. Sorry, UPS guy. Sorry.”

I Tried A Weighted Blanket So You Don’t Have To: I’m Sick and So Are You