1.  Mat talk is life. Everybody needs a Jerry hollering YAS! COME ON, GORGEOUS! YOU GOT THIS!! when things seem a little touch and go.

2.  96.6 pounds sounds insane except they’re literally throwing this girl into the air as she flips and turns like a whirling dervish. Whaaa?

3.  Listen, I’ve been an athlete, I get sports. But “this is my fifth concussion” followed by “that’s just cheerleading” makes me go what the WHAT?

4.  Let’s talk about La’Darius for a hot minute. How in the ever-loving hell does someone that tall hurl his body that high in the air?!

5.  These kids. These stories. Sweet Jesus, their stories. This is gut wrenching.

6.  There’s a certain irony to Spring Break being their Hell Week.

7.  “He hurt his toe.” “You have nine others.” BAM.

8.  But the sound when bodies fall from the pyramid. Yikes.

9.   “We’re sticky parents.” Umm…okay, you do you. I’m pretty sure my kids want me as unsticky as a bowl of Instant Minute rice.

10.  No show about cheerleaders should make me cry this much, dammit.