Does he like me? Does he like me enough to bring me something? Will he bring it to school? Should I bring something? What if he brings something but I don’t bring something and then he thinks I take him for granted? But what if I bring something and he doesn’t bring anything and then I look like an idiot? Oh my gosh, whatever, I’ll bring something and just keep it in my backpack.

But should I take a present or just a card…

Man, if I could get back all those angsty teenage hours obsessing over whether or not to shower Valentine’s Day love on a boy I could take a six month cruise around the world.

So in the interest of lightening things up a little, here are some trending tweets on #IfGrandmaWroteCandyHearts. Enjoy!


“Here’s $5. Don’t tell your mother.” @WhimsyTags

“But I made it for you! Eat!” @Joyannah73

“Don’t forget to bring a sweater.” @JodingersCat

“Make good choices!” @mychal3ts

“Bless your heart.” @Rachels_Ratchet

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like a hard candy instead?” @DanielAshley13

“Don’t forget to wear nice panties in case you are in a car crash.” @Cassie4Peace

“No tattoos.” @TheotherAnge

“Don’t eat this candy. Think of your teeth!” @D_P_Cock

“Shave above the knee and you’re a floozy.” @RiotGrlErin