1.  Does anyone actually opt for puce anymore? It sounds awfully close to puke and that’s a little icky.

2.  I’m still on the fence about these air fryers everybody’s raving about. Do fried things that aren’t actually fried taste…fried? Just wondering.

3.  Gracie’s sleigh bell still cracks me up every time she trots across the house.

4.  There’s nothing this cat loves more than a mountain of warm towels fresh out of the dryer.

5.  There’s nothing that drives me crazier than cat hair all over my freshly dried towels. It’s a good thing she’s cute.

6.  I miss egg rolls.

7.  Sometimes bone tired goes so deep it comes out the other side and you’re left hollowed out and searching for a caffeine hit to keep from driving off the road. Not just me, right?

8.  Speaking of driving, my car’s GPS system is the bomb. I’ll take off and sometimes a message pops up that says “Change in traffic pattern detected. Switch to xyz route? – 22 minutes, – 2.3 miles. Accept? Decline?” LOVE THIS.

9.  Ulta is a wonderful place to kill an hour or so.

10.  Besides the fact that Laughing Cow cheese comes in fun individually wrapped triangles it’s pretty darn tasty, too. Then there’s that whole good source of calcium thing.