“Dear every woman who’s ever run to be the President of the United States,

So this morning my daughter was sitting at the counter eating her breakfast and do you know what she said? Randomly out of nowhere she announced, “One day I’m going to be the President of the United States.” She didn’t say, “One day I’m going to run,” or “One day I want to be.” She said, “I am GOING TO BE.” She fully believes that she can run and win and be an awesome President…”

A letter to every woman who’s ever run to be the President of the United States: Baby Sideburns

“I’ve been called a lot of things in my day. Emotional, dramatic, snowflake, crybaby, weak. My father told me the problem with me is that I cry too much. My high school psych teacher once called me hypersensitive in front of the entire class. Adding, as if I didn’t already know, that’s not a good thing.

I’ve been told I can make a person feel as though they’re walking on eggshells. I need a thicker skin, a tougher exterior, a harder shell. This world is going to eat me up. Obviously, that’s yet to happen…”

Why Being ‘Too Sensitive’ Is Really Pretty Great: I’m Sick and So Are You

“Hey Thad. It is Thad, right? How did I know that was your name? Lucky guess, I guess. Anyway, I know you’re in a rush. We’re in Gate A and your flight to Austin boards in 22 minutes from Gate E, and Charlotte Douglas International Airport is arbitrarily and unnecessarily massive, so I’ll keep this short…”

An Open Letter to the (White) Men in Airport Restrooms Who Refuse to Wash Their Hands: Very Smart Brothas at The Root

“Those of y’all who have been following me for awhile know that I absolutely STAN for Madam Harriet Tubman. To me, she is one of my favorite people in history periodt. Growing up, I always heard the same ol’ edited down story of how she led slaves to safety and that was cool and all, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned about all the shit she did before and after that. Like sis was out here squaring up to these slave masters at the age of EIGHT. At eight I was still tryna figure out why “vacuum” is spelled with two U’s and she was over here taking a 10 pound weight to the head to defend grown ass black men. Not only that, but while she was freeing slaves, she didn’t play no damn games. She wasn’t here for that weak nonsense, slaves that would get scared and chicken out she would threaten to kill with her pistol she kept as they posed a threat to the entire group. Even after her slave rescuing days, she served as a spy for the Union and helped them win the war. After that, in her older age, she opened her home as a form of a shelter for newly escaped/freed slaves that made it to the north. She allowed them to stay and work with her until they got on their feet and could make it on their own. She was grade A badass and I aspire to be half as brave as her one day…”

It’s Black History Month and These Are Some of My Favorite Black People: Only Black Girl

” ‘Don’t get on the scale. Ever. It’s just a number, and it doesn’t really correspond with your health or your fitness level. So throw it out! Never step on a scale again!’

I had an eight year period of my life where I embraced this philosophy. After being fairly small for most of my life, I gave up the scale in my late 20s and what do you think happened?”

Did I feel unchained from watching my figure? Did I gain a newfound sense of confidence?


I put on forty pounds…”

When Your Pants Shrink on the 250th Wash: Rom Com Dojo