Not many folks can say they’ve had their jaw wired shut. Even fewer would say they wanted to. But being the lucky duck I am, I got to experience this particular delight about ten years ago.

Okay, fine, technically it wasn’t wire, they locked my jaw up with bands but still. Yikes.

If you’re interested in all the gory details you can check them out in this post about the Dark Days following the insanity of having elective jaw surgery. Because who does that, really. Who says sure, slap metal braces on my teeth and twist the wires twice a month and cause ridiculous pain THEN we’ll let them crack and reset our jaw. WHO DOES THAT??

Me. I do that. I have serious concerns sometimes about my younger self.

Do you know what it means to have your jaw wired shut? No food. Not “no food” like “gee, I’m trying to eat light, I’ll just have a salad.” This is “no food” like can’t open wider than a centimeter and even if I could putting enough pressure on my jaw even to chew pasta would drop me to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Nothing makes you appreciate real food like six weeks on protein shakes.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “wire.” Use “wire” as a noun or a verb or any way you’d like. Enjoy!