1.  The kids have started online classes and let me say right off the bat I realize this in no way actually qualifies as homeschooling. It’s more like the warehousing of the teens who are currently being online-schooled from home. It involves things like organizational skills and establishing a schedule and ridiculous shouting over Gracie disruptions but we shall overcome and all that jazz.

2.  The teachers are doing the heavy lifting here and let me tell you, I am in awe. They’ve taken their curriculum and are using some witchcrafty combination of Google classroom, Khan Academy, YouTube instructional videos, online chats, e-mail assignments, and lord only knows what else to keep these kids moving forward with instruction. One teacher even loaded a Spanish activity onto her Instagram.

3.  At this point I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a carrier pigeon flew over the house and dropped supplemental materials on our doorstep.

4.  The teachers will save us, man, most of all from attending school in July. Bless.

5.  Being the bright side kinda gal I am (stop laughing!) I’ve been pointing out the positives in online-learning from home. Like bathroom breaks. Gotta pee? Off you go! Enjoy the freedom of not waiting thirty more minutes until you change classes. I’m nothing if not a benevolent dictator when it comes to bathroom breaks.

6.  And then there’s snacks. Hungry? Cool, grab something to eat while you’re doing that assignment, just don’t dump anything on your keyboard ‘cuz Apple closed their retail stores and we’re SOL if your laptop crashes.

7.  Plus there’s fuzz therapy here. Sure, the cat’s attacking computer screens and Gracie keeps stealing papers but still.

8.  Am I little hinked out because there are people in my space? Yes, yes I am. It takes me a good three weeks to get used to these humans being home in summertime; now I’m trying to get used to them being home and taking online classes. I’m cheerleader and taskmaster and tech support all rolled into one so part of my introvert brain may spaz out at some point over having zero alone time.

9.  If things get really hairy I might just lock myself in the bedroom for a while. These kids are old enough to not burn the house down.

10.  Probably.