1.  As of midnight tonight we will have officially survived the first full week of social distancing. It’s been a learning experience for all of us.

2.  Google Classroom ROCKS. For real, it’s an obsessive organizer’s dream.

3.  Overseeing online curriculum for two teens is a lot like leading committee meetings. Baked goods make everything better.

4.  Mastering the casual drift-by is key to confirming on task behavior.

5.  But staying out of it encourages independence so that, too.

6.  Schooling in PJs is underrated.

7.  Starting school by 10am is also underrated.

8.  9:30am is the perfect wake time – late enough that they feel like they’re sleeping in, early enough that they haven’t wasted half the day.

9.  Coffee is still a crucial part of my morning.

10.  Nothing says hey, let’s talk about your classes for the day like a steamy caffeine fix.

11.  Occasionally there’s food but there’s always coffee.

12.  I got a little panicky when the virus news began escalating and I realized I only have two extra creamers in the house.

13.  The dogs are a bit flummoxed by the 24/7 presence of children.

14.  Can’t say I blame them.

15.  Phoebe’s been extra edgy and I honestly don’t know what we’ll do if she runs out of CBD drops during isolation.

16.  That’s a kind of bad on par with running out of creamer.

17.  This is A LOT of days in a row to cook dinner.

18.  I’m afraid to think about what that streak will look like by the time we’re out of the woods.

19.  The kids are annoyed I won’t bring home takeout.

20.  Sorry, man, but I remember what it was like to need a paycheck so bad I’d drag my miserable butt into work doped up on cold medicine.

21.  Guess you’ll just have to suffer through home cooking.

22.  I actually found a Brussels Sprouts recipe that even Bear adores. Yum!

23.  Plus, y’know, nutrients and antioxidants and such.

24.  I’ve never been so organized with our food supplies.

25.  I’ve got a note in my phone with fridge and freezer inventories including expiration dates so I can plan meals.

26.  Because if you think I’m letting even one package of hard won chicken go to waste…well, you don’t know me very well.

27.  I should probably start in first on using up the produce.

28.  Is it time to worry about scurvy yet?

29.  If you told me last month that I’d find outdoor labor relaxing I would have called you a liar.

30.  You wouldn’t have been lying.

31.  I’ve reached the point where pulling weeds in the flower bed counts as getting fresh air.

32.  Who knew I liked fresh air this much.

33.  If it takes a pandemic to convince me to do yardwork…

34.  Still not mowing the grass, though. I never got over the time I stalled the riding mower in our front yard.

35.  Public shaming takes its toll, man.

36.  I drag the kids outside with me to Get Some Air.

37.  Because I’m an extremely benevolent dictator their presence is required, weeding is not.

38.  Which means I’ve got one shooting basketball and the other skateboarding while I breathe my fresh air.

39.  Whatever, it works.

40.  I’ll actually get around to doing the backyard flowerbeds if this thing stretches on long enough. Guess there’s an upside to everything.