Welcome to the whirlwind in my brain. Things flit in, they flit back out, they flit around the corner and come in the back door. Looks like it’s gonna be a squirrelly Saturday post.

“Welcome to the Jungle” comes to mind. We moved to the Boston area my senior year and Guns N’ Roses were big that summer. If I’m not mistaken they were on their Appetite for Destruction Tour, so as I was meeting kids I’d be going to school with all the talk was about who was going to the concert. It was a fast crowd – live loud, party hard, and play for keeps. Let’s just say I didn’t meet my really good friends until a bit further into the school year.

Speaking of moving, it looks like the welcome wagon’s in for some changes. No more knocking on the new neighbor’s door, plate of brownies in hand, offering up a warm hug and tips on the best hot yoga places. (Who are we kidding, the welcome wagon doesn’t keep a list of awesome hot yoga places.) There’ll be no door knocking for a while, not unless you’ve got a hazmat suit or are willing to shout across a ten foot buffer. So I guess just consider yourself welcomed in general for the time being.

Then there’s Welcome Back Kotter. Anyone else remember this one? I have vague snippets – the teacher perched on his desk, those accents – but mostly I remember the theme song. Just one more section of gray matter being taken up by random tv from the late ’70s.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “welcome.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!