1.  It’s been a roller coaster of a week. We’re up, we’re down, we’re flying maniacally around a loop-de-loop. This clip right here made everything stand still while I laughed and laughed and laughed. Volume up, pretties!

2.  Seriously, I watched that thing almost fifty times yesterday and it got funnier each and every time. Sure, I felt a wee bit bad for laughing so hard at the cat…then I remembered what our regular news looks like and hit play again.

3.  Last week was a long, slow slide into our new normal. We went from “oh, it’s for now” to “oh, for a while” to “yeah, this is for the foreseeable future”.

4.  I realized the isolation was getting to me when I snapped at my kid for wiping crumbs off the counter wrong. I mean sure, I’d rather I didn’t have to ask three times and I’d rather none ended up on the floor, but is this really worth getting fired up about? NOW? Nope.

5.  Time to find some ways to decompress.

6.  Looks like it’s time to weed some more.

7.  The kids weren’t overly thrilled last night at the thought of starting another school week. Guess the novelty’s worn off. Either that or they just really enjoyed the hours and hours of weekend lounging laziness.

8.  They’re starting to pay attention to the news, though. Once we hit five states in lockdown things got a little more real. Not so real that they didn’t ask for Chic-fil-a and Cook Out milkshakes, mind you, but real enough.

9.  The takeout thing is a hard no with me so our compromise was candy from CVS.

10.   Sure, it meant ten minutes of breathing time inside the store but at least the candy came home sealed. Given the shelf life I’m choosing to believe they were boxed before this whole pandemic thing kicked off. Don’t ruin this illusion for me, please.