I’ll try not to make this a Trump bashing post because a) I don’t have anything new to add to the conversation and b) I like a challenge.

I will simply say this. When the entire world is transfixed by a virus devastating their populations, news about infection and mortality numbers shocks Americans daily, and life as we know it balances on shifting sand we should not have to fact check our president’s updates.

Throughout history presidents have stepped up to address the nation in times of trouble, to be a steadying voice of reason and instill confidence during uncertain times. With that in mind I only have one message for Trump: You do not make us feel as if we have a leader who will see us through a terrifying pandemic. When you’re not fluffing your cultish followers (yes, I said it) or berating journalists doing their jobs, you’re often disseminating information that runs contrary to what we’ve learned from countries who are ahead of us on this curve and the scientific community itself. God gave us science for a reason, man, LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS.

Now please get the fuck off stage and let the experts help us through this mess.