So I’ve been reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I preordered it way back in December because duh, GlennonLittle did I know we’d be rolling into a lockdown right after my package arrived. Is that timing or what?

I’m about halfway through and let me tell you, this book really gets under your skin. It’s filled with hell yeah and but wait and OH MY GOD HOW HAVE I NOT REALIZED THIS BEFORE??! You know it’s a good book when you alternately can’t stop reading and want to throw it across the room.

Like learning a whole new definition of brave. Glennon’s right, we’ve defined it all wrong and watching grownups push kids to “just be brave” is like nails on a chalkboard now. Why on earth would we tell them to do anything other than trust their gut? She’s right, sometimes being brave is standing up for the small voice inside you even if it looks like being scared to somebody else.

Untamed is filled with mind-blowing wisdom like the cheetah and being wild, how the world puts us in cages, the power of sinking and the Knowing, memos, brave parenting, and being fireproof. So many things to think about, so much learning to do, so many questions. But hey, I’ve got nothing but time here.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this prompt. Not when you sit down to write, but whatever is beside you right now. Take note of it if you think you might forget. Enjoy!