1.  I’m noticing a trend on Facebook. It’s slightly less pronounced than it was a few weeks ago but it goes something like this.

2.  People fall into one of two(ish) camps: We’re sheltering in place for the duration so if you need me just text or (and these folks are a little more intense) I’M LIVING MY LIFE AND IF THAT MEANS GETTING CORONA THEN I GET CORONA, THERE’S NO POINT LIVING IN FEAR ALL THE TIME, PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS.

3.  This showdown of sorts started popping up in my feed about the time healthcare workers began disagreeing with the administration.

4.  One side was all hey, man, this is gonna get bad, we should get ahead of it now while the other was all life’s too short to live in a bubble, carpe diem!

5.  And things were basically civil…for a while. But slowly and steadily posts got more heated.

6.  Better safe than sorry shifted toward This isn’t just for me, it’s gonna take all of us stepping back for this thing to clear out. When Carpe diem slid into I’m going to do what I damn well want and it’s ridiculous you’re letting a bunch of talking heads run your life like this I worried that brains all over the world would explode.

7.  I’ve gotten pretty masterful at culling my feed so I ignored the crossfire, but one day it showed up in the most unlikely place.

8.  This particular corner of Facebook has been unfailingly supportive, positive, and reaffirming; even in disagreement members strove for civility. For ten years those folks have been unerringly polite which is why I had to pick my jaw up off the floor this week when one came out with guns blazing.

9.  My latest mantra is I’m not a fish, I can choose not to take the bait, so I didn’t engage. I suppose he’d grown tired of being told it’s irresponsible to keep going out while the number of Coronavirus cases rises exponentially but still, that level of vitriol on that particular page was telling.

10.  Nerves are frayed, people, and it’s only going to get worse. Here’s what I’m thinking. We can pull this out if we all just listen to the s-c-i-e-n-c-e, please. No puffed out chests, no “no damn body’s gonna tell me to stay at home”, no ‘Merica! Just science. Make those teachers proud.