1.  Da-da-da-duuuummmmm. Twenty-one days down, who knows how many more to go.

2.  I’ve cooked dinner fifteen out of the last twenty-one days, technically more if you include cobbling together leftovers and adding a side dish to fill things out on the off nights. This is a seriously impressive streak for our house.

3.  Do I miss texting BrightSide I’m worn out, can you pick up dinner on the way home? Sure I do, but priorities.

4.  I don’t think Bear’s on board with Biscuitville withdrawal though.

5.  Some winners: homemade burrito bowls, Chic-fil-a bites, steak bites, and homemade mac and cheese.

6.  Spicy honey fried chicken wings weren’t a home run because bones are annoying but mmm, that sauce.

7.  Apparently butter, honey, and hot sauce are a magic combo.

8.  Box yellow cupcakes with homemade icing were also a huge hit.

9.  Kodiak blueberry muffins were eh…they’re not that bad.

10.  Whole grain flours are a hard sell with my kids.

11.  Then again, T-man’s a teenage boy so nom nom.

12.  Plus they pack a protein punch. Bonus.

13.  Started watching All American on Bear’s recommendation and y’all, can I just say this is trash tv.

14.  I’m flashing back to the 90210 black hole of my college days.

15.  But she likes that I’m watching so bonding and such.

16.  The kids only had classes Monday through Wednesday with teacher workdays on Thursday and Friday.

17.  They’re prepping progress reports and planning to launch a new digital learning schedule next week.

18.  It looks a little more structured, with class periods for live presentations and small group sessions planned in.

19.  I think they’re transitioning in case they finish the school year online but ssshhhh…I haven’t said that to the kids.

20.  Still no scurvy so I’ll take that for a win.

21.  We had our first televisit this week.

22.  It was a little weird, jockeying around dead space to see whose turn it was to talk, but fine overall.

23.  Also had our first family FaceTime this week which was kinda freaky for a child of the Brady Bunch era. All those boxes with talking heads – bwahahaha!

24.  We’re embracing our tech around here.

25.  I’ve embarked on a 100% jeans-free life.

26.  Too much structure, too little breathability.

27.  It’s more of a yoga pants/sweats space now.

28.  I must have put on an especially weird outfit yesterday. The looks I caught on the way to the mailbox…phew!

29.  Haters gonna hate.

30.  So we were already doing the whole social distancing thing but on Monday our governor dropped an official Stay at Home order.

31.  It hasn’t changed a lot in our lives – hubby still goes in to work, kids are still at home for school, and we’re not going out. Except now we can’t. It’s the legal barrier the kids hate.

32.  That lends my “nope, we can’t” a little more authority, though.

33.  I’ll take it.

34.  The dogs are hanging in there.

35.  Phoebe’s jumpier than usual, some days more than others.

36.  Some days she looks like she’s gonna come right out of her skin.

37.  We’re working through it with CBD drops and cuddle therapy.

38.  Come to think of it, that’s probably lowering my blood pressure, too. Whatever works, right?

39. Time to do dinner prep.

40.  One of these nights I’ll just toss some PB&J on the table and see what happens.