1.  So here we are at the end of week four and I guess the first hint things have gone sideways is this posting closer to lunchtime than sunrise.

2.  Last night sucked, guys, there’s no two ways about it.

3.  I own this, though. I let my blood sugar tank so far there was no coming back from it so, y’know, my bad.

4.  I’ll do better today.

5.  As I write this I’m listening to kiddo 2 in online math and all I can think is holy crap, it would have been such a train wreck for me to do algebra long distance.

6.  Let’s just say it’d be on par with a train car carrying nuclear material derailing near a highly populated area.

7.  They’d have to call in Jack Bauer.

8.  The squirrels are still dangling upside down, trying to pry sunflower seeds out of the feeder.

9.  If I were motivated I’d go out there and grease the poles but there’s a part of me that’s just as tickled by acrobatic squirrels as beautiful birds.

10.  I think I’ll leave them be.

11.  I’m further into Untamed this week and all I can say is this book is wrecking me. Wre-cking-me.

12.  But still, I soldier on.

13.  I’ve decided opting out of certain news is self-care.

14.  Like the national daily update. Nope. Not doing it. Not anymore.

15.  The sound of 45’s voice catapults my blood pressure into stroke-out zone.

16.  He could be talking about the color of the freaking sky and it makes my eyeballs implode so no thanks, I’m out.

17.  Self-care: it’s not just mani/pedis anymore.

18.  The kids are wrapping up their first week under their new digital learning schedule.

19.  Bear’s up early but done by lunchtime. T-man starts later and has classes in the early afternoon.

20.  It’s a good mix, I think.

21.  This is the first week I’ve overheard a cross-section of live class instruction and let’s just say I’m not built for this.

22.  There are technical glitches, I get it, that’s not the problem.

23.  The problem is kids who don’t mute their mics.

24.  Seriously, guys, IT’S NOT THAT HARD. Click on the little mute icon. You can do it.

25.  Because if your random prattling drowns out the one sentence that makes this lecture make sense so help me God…

26.  So what’s the week brought us food-wise?

27.  We made Mexican shredded beef last Sunday. Mmm, I’m telling y’all, it was fall apart deliciousness and made for very tasty nachos.

28.  There was also a great baked chicken. Sometimes simple works.

29.  And a homemade Cinnamon Sugar Quick Bread that makes me want to experiment with gluten free baking. [insert drooling emoji here]

30.  Pasta with meatballs was good but the polenta squares are a work in progress. I dunno, that might just be something you enjoy when they plop them down on your table at a restaurant…

31.  Oh, and last night? When I was trying to cook while my blood sugar plummeted? I managed to pressure cook mashed potatoes with triple the amount of salt. TRIPLE.

32.  I didn’t think it was possible to ruin mashed potatoes. I was wrong.

33.  I’m hoping to make up for it today with chocolate chip cookies.

34.  Wow, this is a lot of food focus today.

35.  What else, what else…we’ve had afternoon thunderstorms this week.

36.  Phoebe is not a fan but I dunno what to say, it’s April.

37.  There’s been some nice sun, too, which helps my attitude.

38.  I spent twenty minutes on the porch yesterday reading and it was niiiiiiccceee.

39.  It’s chillier today or I’d be out there now.

40.  28 days down. Are we ready for 28 more? Is my family? Will I be blogging from my basement soon? These are the questions of our lives…