Okay, fine, technically it’s the Wednesday night doldrums but whatevs. The point is my laptop’s been open for ninety minutes now and the noggin is plain old b-l-a-n-k. BLANK, man. It’s a problem.

Trump’s been in rare form but what else is new. I can’t summon the energy to scream into the void about his obscenely narcissistic behavior.

I, like most of you, am still banging around inside our walls like a strung out jack-in-the-box randomly popping out to scream. Well, you might not be pulling the psychotic jack-in-the-box behavior but the stuck inside thing applies. Unless you live in one of those states where the governor thinks their invisible border repels Corona and I’m just not sure what to do with that so I’ll hold my tongue.

Which leaves pandemic/pets/food/kids/parenting/tv/texting/writing/reading/juggling knives on the table but still…nothing. Even quiet time on the front porch couldn’t reset my brain tonight. Let’s hope some decent sleep works its magic and I’m back in the game tomorrow.