1.  The kids have been on spring break this week and ooh la la, I am loving the lack of 8:00am alarms.

2.  Okay, it’s not like I’m getting up at the crack of dawn on the regular but still.

3.  We’ve been binge watching Schitt’s Creek. It’s a riot.

4.  Our synchronized yelling at the Echo every time someone on this show says “Alexis” is even more fun.

5.  “I need your help, Alexis!” [bloop!] CANCEL! “But Alexis -” [bloop!] CANCEL!!

6.  It’s like when a nurse shows up with the crash cart. Charge to 300…CLEAR!!

7.  Now we just have to wait for another season to load. Dammit.

8.  I also finished watching Unorthodox this week.

9.  It’s about a girl who runs away from her Hasidic Jewish community. I learned so much about their traditions plus the Yiddish is seriously cool.

10.  Subtitles are the bomb.

11.  Couldn’t fold laundry while watching, though, because I kept missing dialogue.

12.  Like I needed another reason to put off folding laundry.

13.  I made those buttery steak bites again on Tuesday night. Guys, these things are so good and so ridiculously easy.

14.  But I plated everyone’s portion this week – I learned my lesson from last time.

15.  I’m not naming names but somebody around here would eat the whole pan.

16.  Who am I kidding, we all could eat the whole pan.

17.  We also scored one of those air fryers. I don’t have a lot to comment on yet but I will say those were some of the best crunchy potato crowns I’ve ever had.

18.  The kids seem to like chicken nuggets in there.

19.   I’m trying fried chicken tonight so fingers crossed.

20.  I ventured out of my house for the first time in three weeks trying to get a blood pressure reading before a telehealth visit.

21.  FYI: neither Walgreens nor CVS provide one of those have-a-seat-and-take-your-blood-pressure machines. I could have sworn they did. I was wrong.

22.  An employee suggested Walmart might possibly have one but a) I wasn’t hitting a third store, and b) that’s way too many human beings for my comfort level.

23.  Long story short, I’m now the proud owner of a snazzy blood pressure monitor. Let me know if you need a reading, I’ll toss it to you in the driveway.

24.  In some sort of COVID miracle my blood pressure’s still looking pretty good.

25.  Zen doggy magic, I tell ya.

26.  My writing’s been all over the place lately. Sometimes focused, sometimes scattered, it’s a mess.

27.  Makes it hard to nail this thing.

28.  So late one night I was blogging and looking for something to watch – and by “watch” I mean play in the background while I try to wrangle my thoughts.

29.  Anyway, Orthodox wouldn’t work ‘cuz subtitles, I needed something sorta brainless.

30.  It needed to be a show I could follow with only periodic glances, something practically imbedded in my subconscious.

31.  Time to cue up Glee.

32.  Okay, yeah, the storyline can be predictable but I’m in it for the music. Sometimes the dancing, but mostly the singing.

33.  There was this moment though…I looked up and the guidance counselor was unpacking her lunch. She unfolded a wipe, pulled out a grape, and started scrubbing away.

34.  In 2009 this was quirky commentary on a sweet woman’s OCD tendencies, but in 2020? It’s eerie.

35.  Who could have ever envisioned a time when we’d all be advised to scrub down our fruit from the market. I surely didn’t.

36.  I mean, I got the whole wash off the pesticides speech but this is next level.

37.  Is anyone doing a good job wiping down their groceries? Like the boxes and stuff? I haven’t done so great with that.

38.  We’re doing the best we can around here.

39.  Mostly.

40.  Maybe we’ll just make some more of those chocolate chip cookies and call it a day.