1.  So we’re finally starting to catch up on season four of This is Us and this show crushes me every single time.

2.  We’re only about halfway through, though, so NO SPOILERS please. I like to dissolve into snuffly sobs on my own timeline, thanks.

3.  Tried my hand at making gluten free mozzarella bites on Saturday and I honestly can’t decide where I land on them. They’re mouthwatering in an I-bet-they-fix-these-in-heaven sort of way, so much so that Bear and I polished off the whole plate.

4.  It’s just that they took about an hour start to finish and I’m not sure I can be okay with trading sixty work minutes for five minutes of bliss. But still…mmmmm.

5.  I’m guessing fried mozzarella desperation levels will factor greatly here.

6.  Also made a perfect crustless quiche this weekend. Perfect because a) no gluten, b) exorbitant amounts of cheese, and c) all the veggies I could cram in it.

7.  Do my kids eat veggies? Not like that, no. Or at least not yet. Hope springs eternal.

8.  Am I sad my kids don’t eat veggie quiche? Well, sure, but not so sad that I won’t make it because dammit, sometimes a girl deserves a good brunch dish. It’s not like they aren’t perfectly happy eating cereal or pancakes so whatever, I took the day.

9.  I think I’ve forgotten how to put on makeup. I’m betting by now my family’s forgotten what the smoothed out version of me looks like.

10.  They’ve probably also forgotten what I look like in anything with buttons or a zipper. On the plus side I’m super happy I took time to organize my t-shirt drawer last year – it’s the little things.