1.  Well, from top to bottom and inside out, it’s been quite a week. Here we are at the end of shutdown week six. Let’s go.

2.  It seems I’ve turned into quite the coffee diva.

3.  Not in an unreasonably demanding Where’s my double caramel macchiato extra hot with whip sort of way. More like an aw, crap, now I really can’t ask someone to bring me coffee way.

4.  See, it’s not like I can say just throw some cream and sugar in there and let’s roll. My routine’s a bit more…complex.

5.  It starts with a Green Mountain Breakfast Blend k-cup. Sure, there are others I can stand, but this one is yummy.

6.  Now we get to the real nitty gritty.

7.  First I put ¾ of a stevia in the raw packet in my mug. A whole packet makes the coffee too bitter, less won’t do the job.

8.  Then I’ll add ¾ teaspoon sugar. Real sugar. Sue me.

9.  Time for the coffee. Brewing ten ounces of toasty caffeine into that mug dissolves the sugars in there for me.

10.  Now I add ¾ of a teaspoon hot cocoa mix and stir stir stir until everything’s blended.

11.  Add a seriously healthy dollop of vanilla almond creamer, stir, microwave for 45 seconds, and voilà! Divine.

12.  See? That’s not that complicated.

13.  Except it took seven steps to describe so maybe just a little.

14.  But sooooo worth it.

15.  Gee, here we are at #15, guess I should move off coffee.

16.  As you could tell from yesterday’s post I kind of hit the wall this week.

17.  Was there some weeping into dog fur? Yes, yes there was.

18.  Was there some crying in the shower? Also yes.

19.  A few emotional meltdowns plus straight up admitting that this plain old sucks seem to have helped.

20.  I mean, not yet with the sleeping but hope springs eternal.

21.  Let’s give the lavender diffuser thing a shot and see what happens.

22.  I’ve started watching some of Glennon Doyle’s morning meetings on Instagram and woo boy, is she on fire or what.

23.  Highly recommend.

24.  I’ve also been watching the REOPEN DAMMIT protests around the country and just can’t.

25.  A couple of particularly striking visuals I’ve spotted: The woman wearing a mask while holding a “no masks” sign. The guy dressed in full PPE hoisting a “COVID19 IS A HOAX” sign.

26.  The topper was a sign that said “Sacrifice the Weak.” What in the actual f*ck.

27.  Then I caught this interview with the mayor of Las Vegas.  Anderson Cooper interview

28.  It’s 25 minutes but seriously, you’ll want to watch, if only to catch the moment Anderson takes off his glasses and scrubs his eyes in frustration.

29.  If you live in the Las Vegas area and your mayor offered you up as a sacrificial lamb on the alter of capitalism, I’m sorry. You don’t have to be my control group.

30.  Honestly? I kinda feel like you should punch anyone in the nose who suggests their right to a haircut supersedes your right to science based health decisions.

31.  Just sayin’.

32.  I made this Cashew Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry last night and to say it was a hit would be a huge understatement.

33.  They made me promise only to make stir fry this way from now on.

34.  Did I mention it’s from a clean cooking website? And it’s basically a giant pan of veggies in a low cal sauce? And that Bear ate two helpings??

35.  Awesome.

36.  So we’re rolling into the weekend with – surprise, surprise – no plans in sight.

37.  Maybe it’s time to do a doggy fashion show.

38.  Bwahahaha! As if my dogs would let me dress them up.

39.  Well, maybe Gracie would. I’m pretty sure Phoebe would go on strike.

40.  Happy Friday, everyone. May the force be with you and your immune systems.