Ally wrote a post over at The Spectacled Bean called Which Three Personality Traits Are Helping You Deal With Today? that caught my eye. I mean, we’re all kind of cobbling it together these days. Some days I’m a train wreck, others I roll with the punches, but I’d say “dealing with” is an overall good description of our household. I’m not exactly thriving in this pressure cooker environment so I consider it a win when we reach the end of the day with more calm than chaotic moments.

I was curious, though. What personality traits are helping me navigate this kind of next level crazy because I for sure wouldn’t have made it through this sort of crisis in my twenties. And wouldn’t you know Ally posted a link to (drumroll please) The Ultimate List of Personality Traits. There are six hundred of these, man. SIX HUNDRED. Let’s take a look see.

Both neat and organized are listed as positive traits and I totally get how these are two separate things. I’m an organized person but I’d venture to say nobody who lives with me would call me neat. You walk into our bathroom and BrightSide’s vanity is empty; mine has the shirt I thought I’d wear yesterday until I changed my mind, cotton balls and Q-tips, a travel makeup case, the magnifying mirror, my retainer, peroxide (hello, kitchen prep wounds), the Alexa, and my charger. That doesn’t even count pajama pants tossed over the side of the tub and Merrells tucked under the stool. Bless.

Uncomplaining is on there, too. Really? I mean, okay, pre-corona there were folks who could claim this trait but is anyone uncomplaining now? Like, never complaining?? That would be seriously impressive.

Predictable? I don’t think so but maybe that’s vanity talking. Competitive? Guilty as charged. Moody? Duh.

So what three character traits are helping me get through corona days? I’d say it’s because I’m practical, compassionate, and creative. How about you?