1.  Hey hey y’all, looks like we’re wrapping up another week appreciating the sheer awesomeness that is the inside of our house. Can I get an amen??

2.  AMEN!

3.  Let’s talk about a few things I haven’t done during the stay-at-home order.

4.  I haven’t pulled up, sanded, or replaced any flooring.

5.  I haven’t repainted. Anything.

6.  I haven’t tilled a patch for a new vegetable garden in the backyard.

7.  I haven’t dyed my hair a color found in the rainbow.

8.  I actually haven’t dyed my hair at all and woo buddy, things are getting real.

9.  Bear stumbled upon me checking out an Instagram page called @grombre and had a rather strong reaction.

10.  It’s filled with inspiring stories of women letting their gray grow in.

11.  If they can do it then I can too, dammit!

12.  Remind me I said that when I falter in my resolve, will ya?

13.  Had a spectacular swing and a miss at Monday night’s veggie.

14.  It was Parmesan Baked Zucchini Rounds. Doesn’t that sound delicious, guys?

15.  I was super proud of the kids for even trying them – they’re not always veggie adventurous.

16.  The whole family agreed, though. Decent taste, terrible texture. So sad.

17.  We joined our friends for an online game night and it was such fun!

18.  Drinks, laughter, goofy word games…I’d almost forgot what it was like to just hang out and have fun.

19.  You know, like a grown up and stuff.

20.  My English major skills are in top form today.

21.  Which makes me think of English muffins.

22.  Man, there was nothing like a warm buttery English muffin slathered with jam in the morning. I miss those.

23.  Anyhoo, I made some more of those Paula Dean green beans and potatoes.

24.  They’re sooooo yummy but I’ll say this, though – snapping three pounds of beans is no joke.

25.  Plus the cat is ridiculously fascinated with these things. Seriously, she’s all up in my lap, sticking her nose in the bag, batting at the beans.

26.  Maybe they smell like outside? I dunno, but it’s a riot.

27.  Don’t worry, BrightSide, I rinse them really well.

28.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

29.  So Gracie almost caught a squirrel yesterday.

30.  We enjoy our fair share of the fluffy-tailed visitors at our feeders in the backyard. They’re cute enough and it’s fun to watch the dogs tear across the yard after them.

31.  Phoebe looks like she’s chasing off a nuisance, but Gracie? She’s always 100% convinced this time she’ll catch it.

32.  What Gracie will do if she does is anyone’s guess but that doesn’t slow her down one bit.

33.  Anyway, one of those seed bandits made two appearances at the feeder by the window within five minutes and I’m all oh HELL no, we’re not playing this game and opened the door.

34.  Things happened super fast from there.

35.  Gracie streaked out the back door and that squirrel made the critical error of sprinting right instead of left, running smack dab into Gracie’s legs.

36.  She bounced off and Gracie looked momentarily perplexed before they both took off at a hot run for the fence.

37.  The squirrel won and thank God for it because I just can’t handle this golden trotting back with dead squirrel dangling from her mouth.

38.  Anyway, Gracie spent the rest of the morning looking pleased as punch. As far as she was concerned she’d defended the homestead like an alpha wolf.

39.  Then she passed out for the afternoon because defending the homestead is exhausting.

40.  Gotta rest up for tomorrow’s squirrels.