“Pour contents into a microwave safe bowl.” Huh. Okay, let’s go look in the cabinet.

How big a bowl are we talking? Cheese dip? Cereal? Two quart casserole dish? I could use a little more guidance here.

And how about lids? Does this thing need a top? Will a paper towel do? Or does this need air flying around it to cook?

Okay, whatever, this is close enough and that lid will do and we’ll pop it in for, say, three minutes. Done and done. Except – man! It’s soggy! And way too done! And still cold in the middle!


Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “directions.” Find a household cleaner/bottle of shampoo/something in the freezer/anything you can find with instructions on it, then copy down a single direction (just one) on how to use/cook/etc. your chosen thing, and make it the first line or word of your post. Then keep writing whatever comes out. Have fun!