1.  It’s been quite a weekend. Five mile hikes, half-marathons, sky diving lessons – you know, the usual. Call me Wild Thing.

2.  Kidding.

3.  It’s been a rather subdued weekend. Kinda like every weekend. It’s just two more days that, well, end in day.

4.  At least we didn’t get snow here because I don’t care how hardcore you are about winter ain’t nobody got the energy for freezing weather in May.

5.  We had a Zoom dinner with BrightSide’s family on Saturday evening. New world, new times. I keep running headfirst into new experiences, man, and it’s crazy cakes.

6.  Like eating on camera. If you’d told me there’d come a day I’d eat a full meal while on a video call I would have called you nuts because hello, rude! Yet here we are, finding a way to be together for Mother’s Day, and if there’s sauce on my face so be it.

7.  Miracle of miracles, the dogs (okay, we all know I mean Gracie) were relatively well behaved so that’s a win.

8.  The most popular question of the week/weekend has undoubtedly been so are you doing anything special for Mother’s Day? In normal times this question makes me laugh a little; in corona times it’s an absolute riot.

9.  Let’s just say I was a terrifically sloth-like homebody whose kids took the time to say nice mom things to me.

10.  Apparently some folks in Colorado decided to celebrate Mother’s Day by flouting their state’s public health order that limits restaurants statewide to takeout and delivery services. The C&C Coffee and Kitchen’s twitter account puffed out its chest, declaring their reopening a stand “for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!” New cases of coronavirus in Colorado went from 456 on May 8 to 548 on May 9 but you go on and cram yourself up in this cafe, folks. We’ll see how apple-pie-and-Star-Spangled-Banner you’re feeling in a few weeks.