It’s raining, and not in a gentle spring showers, singing in the rain sort of way. We’re talking more of a relentlessly pounding, daylong downpour, time to build an ark deluge.

Now I’m not usually one to complain about rain. I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of curling up under a throw for a rainy day Netflix marathon – it can be a good reboot from time to time and I’ve never been one to shy away from a fresh start. Shoot, I figure I can use all the fresh starts I can get, thank you very much.

I’m certain we’ve had rainy Corona days, too. March and April had their fair share of showers, but this week? This week is different. This is the first Corona week I can remember where it’s rained every single day.

Monday – rain. Tuesday – rain. Wednesday – rainy rain rain that soaked through all the other rain covered spaces.

What’s on tap for Thursday? You guessed it, more rain. We’ll be lucky if the backyard doesn’t up and float away by lunchtime. Now I don’t mind the nature sprinkler system and I can’t really complain about having an excuse to be a little lazy during a personally blah week but I have to say it’s probably healthier for us as a whole not to be literally trapped inside these walls. I’m gonna need this weather system to unpark itself and move right along tout suite.

Either that or we’re gonna have to start working on that ark.