“Racism is dead only to those who’ve closed their eyes and ears to the whole world around them.”

– DaShanne Stokes

There’s been a serious escalation of “Karen” activity getting called out on twitter. Amy Cooper is just the latest horrifying example of white women tears endangering a black man’s life.

This man asked Amy Cooper to leash her dog, as required by clearly posted signs in Central Park, and she responded with aggression. She knew she was being recorded and still announced her intent to call 911 and tell them an “African American man” was threatening her. She proceeded to make the call, reported being threatened by the bird watcher who stood in place recording her behavior, then escalated the call with fake crying and a trembling voice.

Amy Cooper knew what she was doing. Every white woman in America knows how dangerous we are when we cry our tears and tell 911 how very scary a black man is. Just like Carolyn Bryant Donham knew exactly what would happen when she accused Emmett Till of grabbing her. We might as well pull the trigger ourselves when we set into motion actions that can end in one more violent confrontation with the police.

This is America, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Be better.

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