1.  “If George Floyd was white, would there be protests right now?” Um, no, Chad. But that’s because if he was white he wouldn’t be dead.

2.  “There’s no need for these riots, they should just protest peacefully!” You don’t like when they kneel, you don’t like when they march – I don’t think they’re worried about what you’d prefer anymore.

3.  “But they’re lighting stuff on fire! That’s just property destruction!” Yes. Yes, it is. It’s also separate from the protests so don’t get it twisted.

4.  “This isn’t going to stop until the good guys are willing to use overwhelming force against the bad guys” @BuckSexton. Now I guess all that’s left is to decide which is which.

5.  “President @realDonaldTrump says you can’t be #1 on Earth if you are #2 in space. America will not be #2 anywhere!” @TeamTrump. Well, America kind of looks like a shit storm right now so that #2 part isn’t looking so good…

6.  “But ALL lives matter.” Yes, this one is really still out there. All lives matter? Cool. You’re ready to trade places with a black person then, right?

7.  “For weeks they said you’ll literally die if you go outside but now they’ve got protests every night and you know what? Not a word about coronavirus. Not a word.” For Pete’s sake. One protest was over reopening bars and hair salons, the other is about black people dying in the streets and workplaces and their own freaking homes. And not for nothing but I’m seeing a lot of face coverings at these George Floyd protests.

8.  “What? They ARE acting like thugs.” Nope. White nationalists get ‘very fine people’ as they march through Charlottesville with burning torches, black protestors get ‘thugs’ for refusing to back down. Your racist is showing.

9.  “LAW & ORDER!” For the love, can someone just break his caps lock key or something?

10.  That’s enough of that. Let’s end on a positive note. This is how you ally.