1.  Thirteen weeks into corona times, can I get a hell yeah!

2.  Ninety-one days of learning more than I ever thought I’d need to know about mystery virus transmissions.

3.  And ninth-grade-me thought bio was kinda useless. Pffft.

4.  Funny enough, most of what we’ve learned about corona we already knew from science teachers.

5.  Wash hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water.

6.  Hand sanitizer is a decent backup; washing hands is best.

7.  Wear a mask to slow the spread of germs.

8.  Yes, it works. Why else would doctors and nurses wear them in operating rooms?

9.  I don’t want your germs any more than I wanted the guy’s who did my jaw surgery. Cover up!

10.  The more places you go, the more people you come into contact with, the more chances you have to contract/transmit the virus.

11.  We may have wandered into math territory here but the point stands – restricting your movements cuts down on exposure.

12.  The precise percentage of folks wearing face masks in public is murky, but I can say with certainty it’s not 100%.

13.  Maybe we could all work on shoring that up, huh?

14.  I made a frittata for dinner last night and let me say, that was a weird food.

15.  I thought it’d be like a crustless quiche except it had diced potatoes so that made it more like a quiche shaped breakfast hash. Weird.

16.  It wasn’t a huge hit although I think that had more to do with the “healthy veggie” aspect and less to do with the concept.

17.  I believe Bear’s exact words were “well, if it had cheese and bacon then it’d be good.”

18.  Cheese and bacon and world peace.

19.  Our old blender died a sad, angry, smelly death. I finally gave up on it.

20.  We got a new blender and I am head over heels in l-o-v-e.

21.  I’d say I’m a simple girl to please…but it’s a really nice blender.

22.  I’ve started making smoothies again and even the kids are on board.

23.  Plus – and this goes against the whole cheese/bacon/world peace philosophy – I actually made a green smoothie that both Bear and I love.

24.  Not to be dramatic but I always figured hell would freeze over before I’d drink one of those healthy green things let alone enjoy it.

25.  Will wonders never cease.

26.  She didn’t even say it would taste better with bacon in it.

27.  Not for nothing but the blender also makes fabulous margaritas.

28.  And since I’m always regaling you guys with my sleep stuff I’m gonna share what might save my sanity.

29.  I’ve worked at making my bedroom a peaceful respite. Soothing colors, blinds keep the room dim, lavender oil in a diffuser – all pieces to the relaxation puzzle.

30.  This week I added a new piece: a white noise machine.

31.  Folks, this is a game changer for me because people in my bedroom snore. Loudly.

32.  Full disclosure: I’ve been told I snore. I’ve never bothered myself. BrightSide’s snoring, however, has been known to drive me to murderous thoughts in my most sleep deprived states.

33.  Second full disclosure: I recently realized our dogs also snore so some of those murderous thoughts may have actually been provoked by fur baby noise and not the hubby. My bad, BrightSide.

34.  Anyhoo, snoring irritates me regardless of the source so the white noise machine was my latest preemptive move for decent sleep.

35.  Night one didn’t go so well. I put it across the room on the dresser as recommended in the manual so it could “fill the room with sound”.

36.  What I ended up with was a very long night of loud white noise with an irritating undercurrent of snoring by my head.

37.  Day two took me back to a manual which helpfully suggested I place the machine “between you and the source of the disturbance”. Umm, okay, except the disturbance is in my own freaking bed.

38.  Night two went better. I put the machine on my nightstand but forgot to set an off time. I didn’t hear snoring, but I also didn’t hear my alarm the next morning. Whoops.

39.  Night three was a dream. I didn’t hear a peep. I programmed the machine to fade out before my alarm the next day.

40.   I woke up feeling like I’d had my first real night’s sleep in forever. Ahhh…it’s the little things.