1.  In one of those surreal twists North Carolina actually served up the most beautiful weather this weekend.

2.  Seriously, I’d all but written off this state. March had five days in the 80s, April had eight, and May had fifteen. Suddenly June rolled in with 90 degree days and life lost all meaning.

3.  Basically our state is the sticky armpit that forgot to put on its deodorant in springtime.

4.  And if spring is Increasingly Uncomfortable then North Carolina summertime weather might as well be called Habanero Hades. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane, June 2019 style.

5.  June 2019 brought us fifteen days in the 80s and ten in the 90s. A few of those bumped up against the 100 degree mark because we’re just lucky that way.

6.  You can do the math. That means last June served up twenty-five freaking blistering days of heatstroke potential. TWENTY-FIVE. You can see why I’ve learned not to expect too much relief once school is out.

7.  Which is why this weekend’s clear blue skies, light breeze, and 78-80 degree top notes were sweeeeeeettt. We took full advantage and let me tell you, that Vitamin D boost was exactly what I needed to get back in the game.

8.  I’d pretty much resigned myself to crashing back into June steaminess so you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard the next two days have a high of 65. That’s only sixty-five measly degrees! I just…I don’t…I have no words.

9.  I made big plans. I figured hey, a sixty-five cap meant I would finally drag my butt outside to weed seeing as the teensiest bit of humidity sends me into hiding. Surely an abnormally cool June day would be the answer.

10.  If only it weren’t for that 80-100% chance of rain. Drat.