1.  Welcome to the end of week four in NC’s “Safer at Home: Phase 2”. It’s a fun club. We’re getting jackets.

2.  You guys probably think I spend way too much time on twitter. Maybe I do, but sometimes it hits home.

3.  I was on the wtf with 2020, man train.

4.  Then I saw this tweet: “Maybe 2020 isn’t the year we should have skipped. Maybe 2020 is exactly what we needed to kickstart change.”

5.  Wish I’d saved it so I could credit them – their words are seared into my brain. Talk about a perspective reset.

6.  I see now that 2020 is the ultimate clarification.

7.  These are the days when people show you exactly who they are. There’s no point in arguing about it, it is what it is.

8.  Like I said, disappointed but not surprised.

9.  Hold on a sec. Margarita time.

10.  It’s been pretty weird weather this week. Two particularly cool days, four with nonstop rain. The backyard’s looking a little murky.

11.  Fun fact: Phoebe is a delicate diva who refuses to pee in the rain.

12.  Also if the grass is too wet from previous rain…or if it smells like it might possibly rain again…

13.  She’s a delight.

14.  We’ve had a few cooking successes here and I believe in sharing the wealth…

15.  I made these Crock Pot chicken tacos last weekend and they were fantastic. Simple and so very tasty. Everybody loved them.

16.  One note: They work best in a crunchy taco shell instead of a soft tortilla.

17.  How many of you guys have an air fryer? This is a relatively new kitchen tool for us and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty awesome.

18.  I made these fantastic Air Fryer French fries last night. They’re time intensive but totally worth it.

19.  I whipped up a fry sauce from Delish.com – 2 tablespoons mayo, 2 tablespoons BBQ sauce, and 1 teaspoon hot sauce. Mmm.

20.  I’m probably cancelling out the health benefits of homemade fries by dunking them in fry sauce but whatever, it’s delicious.

21.  Wednesday’s dinner was 100% for BrightSide and me. Nowhere in my wildest imagination did I think either kid would try it.

22.  I was right.

23.  It was my first attempt at Shrimp and Grits and they were a home run. I highly recommend.

24.  Your kids can always eat leftovers. Or frozen pizza. Whatevs.

25.  I’ve been working on a project I can’t really talk about yet. [cue mysterious music] I’m sure I’ll eventually drop it here.

26.  Until then picture me with my thinking cap on. It’s purple with giant stars. So stylin’.

27.  Mia’s been on the food prowl. Things she likes: ice cream (duh), eggs, grits, and peanut butter.

28.  No, we’re not feeding her. She’s picked up stealth Gracie skills when it comes to sneaking nibbles.

29.  She’ll also snatch a tortilla chip from the bag, drop it on the floor, and lick off the salt. Good times.

30.  I like to catch CNN in the evenings and I’m gonna need somebody to explain all these pharmaceutical commercials.

31.  Seriously, does anyone actually take tv recommendations to their health provider?

32.  “Quick! Give me a pencil! I’ve been looking for an OAB medication and that actor looks really trustworthy!”

33.  I’m also perplexed by this online car sales concept. Does anyone buy a car like this??

34.  Call me old fashioned but I still think getting new wheels means in-person hoop jumping.

35.  Not that I enjoy endless hours in a dealership but still.

36.  There’s a certain je ne sais qu’à to the whole thing.

37.  Car dealerships seems like one of those corona victims, though. Who knows how long it will be before browsing a crowded car lot sounds appealing again.

38.  Shoot, the longer I think about it the less appealing it gets.

39.  But that’s still not enough to make me click a BUY NOW button on Carvana.

40.  Looks like my Volvo’s here for the duration.