I’ve put things on my Christmas wish list before – roller skates, a sweatshirt, there might have even been a misguided year asking for a pony. Seems like every little girl goes through that one. But you know what I’ve never asked for? A Bedazzler™.

I’ve never actually felt the urge to bedazzle anything. Purses, t-shirts, jeans shorts, sneakers – all seem just fine without sparkly sequins on them. Then there was a fascinating Grey’s Anatomy episode with the woman who’d bedazzled her vagina, something I’ve for sure never heard and thought well hey now, THAT’S an interesting idea. Mostly I spent that episode trying to picture exactly what it would take to bedazzle one’s girl parts because OW OW OW.

You gotta wonder what goes on in those writers’ rooms.

Now that we’re homebound in corona days this seems an excellent time to take up Bedazzler™ crafting. Seems like Mia’s bed could use a little bling, and Phoebe’s kind of a girlie girl. She’d probably appreciate a little extra sparkle on her collar, or maybe one tiny gemstone on each nail. Say it with me with jazz hands – the BEDAZZLER™!

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