1.  Write yourself a big fat Post It note and stick it on your bathroom mirror so it doesn’t take you five hours to remember to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

2.  Stock the fridge with his favorite beer.

3.  Spend the next 364 days mastering a zero turn mower so your guy won’t be out in 85 degree heat come Father’s Day 2021.

4.  Find something – anything – to distract yourself from commenting on the golf game on tv. Just give him the golf in peace.

5.  And the basketball. And the baseball. And whatever other sports reruns he might pull up on ESPN.

6.  Get some of his favorite treats and stash them around the house. Who says grownups don’t deserve their own Father’s Day Easter Egg hunt?

7.  Make those cookies he loves. Hide them from the kids. Fight off the urge to steal some yourself.

8.  Admit defeat. Eat the cookies. Then make more and have him hide them from you.

9.  Plan indoor, fully air conditioned, non-100% humidity celebrations.

10.  Feel zero guilt about not encouraging your kids to destroy the kitchen making an inedible breakfast they’ll spill on your sheets in a misguided attempt at a “relaxing” wake up call.