1.  North Carolina, man. Sometimes I cannot freaking believe I live in this state.

2.  The governor’s trying. He saw the numbers and checked the trend.

3.  Unfortunately, we’ve got some folks who are particularly stubborn selfish and ignorant.

4.  Cooper’s extended the Safer at Home Phase Two for three more weeks. Not a surprise considering none of our metrics look good.

5.  He also added a requirement: masks must be worn in public when it’s not possible to maintain distance.

6.  Looks like somebody doesn’t want to be the next epicenter.

7.  Way to deliver unpopular news, Governor Cooper. It ain’t easy.

8.  They announced the news Wednesday. I had hope. Change seemed possible.

9.  Then on Thursday NC came crashing in.

10.  That’s when our illustrious sheriff weighed in on Facebook with “The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office recommends compliance of the Governor’s Executive Order requiring face coverings. However, the Sheriff’s Office will not issue a citation for violations.”

11.  Oh FFS.

12.  I shouldn’t have read the comments. You know it. I know it.

13.  I did it anyway.

14.  Dammit.


16.  Protecting us from what? From the terror of wearing a face covering to go grocery shopping?

17.  For the love.

18.  Seriously, guys, other states are saying they don’t want us showing up with our germs.

19.  You know it’s bad when New Jersey says nope, you’re gonna need to quarantine for 14 days before you can walk our streets.

20.  New Jersey.

21.  When I went grocery shopping on Wednesday I ran into people who weren’t wearing masks. For real?

22.  I try to tamp down that judgy J but my thoughts were less than charitable.

23.  My mask helps you, your mask helps me – don’t be an ass, wear a mask!

24.  Now there’s a t-shirt slogan.

25.  Did I mention that sheriff supports having police stand guard around the clock to protect a confederate statue in this county?

26.  We are paying money – cash money – to protect a monument to the armed rebellion against the United States to preserve slavery.

27.  Everything about that sentence screams stupid.

28.  There was some noise about taking it down in the last few years and all hell broke loose. The Daughters of the Confederacy rallied the troops.

29.  Turns out those southern gals aren’t that sweet after all.

30.  And omg, once again, CASH MONEY. I can think of twenty things off the top of my head that could use those funds.

31.  ps – Don’t come at me with “but Southern Heritage” because I’m not fooling with it today.

32.  North Carolina is also knocking it out of the park with those Wilmington police officers.

33.  I mean seriously, how am I supposed to let my son drive alone once he gets his license?

34.  For all my mamas of white babies out there – sit with your privilege in not having to worry like this. Think about how generations of women have worried about their Black sons, husbands, fathers and brothers. The very idea of that generational trauma is overwhelming.

35.   So let me circle this back to our country’s movement for change right now.

36.  When I tell you don’t shoot my son I’m not being political. When I tell you don’t shoot someone else’s son I’m not being political.

37.  When I say Black lives have value, Black love has value, Black families have value – I AM NOT BEING POLITICAL. I am being a human being.

38.  For my Jesus people: “The second [commandment] is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31.

39.  Jesus demands we love our neighbors – all our neighbors – and until Black lives are protected and valued like white lives we aren’t there yet. You cannot cloak yourself in Christianity without doing this work.

40.  Stand up and be counted.