I’ve often thought “toss your cookies” was a particularly cute description for puking your guts out. I mean, really, tossing makes me think of gently lobbing a pillow onto the bed and throwing up is nothing like that. We won’t even venture into the cookies portion. Seriously, if someone knows a food that tastes delightful going down and coming back up then I’d love to know it.

Never mind, I don’t plan to eat for puking ’cause that’s just gross.

I have to say I pretty much suck at anything involving the word toss. The egg toss at elementary school field days was my worst nightmare, and I’m old enough to have played that in the day when it involved an actual egg. (For my non-school peeps, did you realize they stopped using eggs for this?? The last one I went to they were using a wooden egg and I gotta say, where’s the fun in that?) The stress of the egg arcing toward me, wondering if I’d accidentally crush it between my hands and end up with yolk dripping down my arms…that stress was only matched by my need to toss well to my partner so they didn’t end up with dripping yolk. Add in cheering and jeering spectators and there’s one source for my high blood pressure right there.

Carnivals that offer a ring toss are just as unlikely to have me lining up to play. It’s just too much pressure! This has got to have more to do with my inner workings than the act of tossing itself since plenty of people don’t seem to have any problem lobbing a carnival ring or clamoring to do the egg toss. Something in me winds tight as a clock and I don’t need that sort of stress.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “toss.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!