1.  I try to keep current with the things. Movies, books, recipes to try, that sort of thing. A rolling stone gathers no moss or some such nonsense like that.

2.  Being super-hip means of course I heard about that whole Disney+ thing when it launched.  Not that this feat was terribly impressive. Hell, I think living under a rock in a third world country is the only way not to have heard about the streaming tv service that launched right before last Christmas.

3.  I have to admit I didn’t pay it much attention. Our kids are too old for anything labeled Disney to light my fire.

4.  Then people started making some noise. Folks seemed especially interested in how it would have all the Star Wars movies on it, but seeing as how I wasn’t a huge Star Wars junkie this didn’t rock my boat either.

5.  Then people started going on about something called The Mandalorian. I tried to get someone to explain it to me, failed notably at understanding, then got the gist that it was Star Wars based. I’m good.

6.  By now I thought, “eh, Disney princesses and Star Wars movies, I can’t see adding another monthly bill for that” and went on my way.

7.  Then corona times hit. Entertainment options ground to a halt. My Facebook feed started filling with friends who were binge watching movies or sharing their favorite shows with their kids. But I can be…stubborn difficult to persuade at times.

8.  Sometime in June one of the kiddos pitched the actual content to me. Marvel, Pixar, classic movies and cartoons. They made a persuasive case. One of them even signed up for a week’s free trial and binge watched the Marvel movies in their entirety.

9.  And then came Hamilton. The news that Disney+ would be streaming this musical in July made me seriously rethink my stubborn persistent objection to subscribing to another service. I guess we’re gonna see what all the fuss is about.

10.  So last night we gathered around the tv, munching chips and dip as we enjoyed Hamilton in all its glory. Yes, I’m sure it’s better live, but for corona days I say even watching a live Broadway show on tv makes for great entertainment. We weren’t the first on board the Disney+ train but I’m going with better late than never.