1.  You guys, I am so sunburned.

2.  It takes everything I have to admit this. Truth be told I pride myself on excellent sunscreen habits.

3.  Plus there’s the whole bragging rights thing. “Gee, you’re looking a little pink there. Well, less pink than fuchsia. Me? Nope, I don’t burn.”

4.  Except here I am, sitting in cringe-y pain from a bright red scalp and seriously pink forehead.

5.  Not to mention a painful little rectangle on the bridge of my nose, right above where my mask ends and below where my sunglasses begin.

6.  In my own defense I did put on sunscreen before leaving the house Saturday.

7.  I mean, it’s hot here. Really hot. And I don’t fool with UV rays, thank you very much.

8.  Except that really hot thing complicates matters because July in North Carolina means overheating unless you manage to break a sweat, and on Saturday I was definitely not overheating.

9.  Except sweating off half my body mass also rather inconveniently meant sweating off all my sunscreen. This is the sort of thing I might have noticed if I wasn’t so busy thinking cool thoughts in the hot, hot sun.

10.  So here I am, a cautionary tale for all of you. Apply your sunscreen. Take extra with you and reapply. Reapply again for good measure then drink lots and lots of water – it won’t prevent sunburn but at least you won’t pass out in the street.