1.   Well, we’re just rolling on through our Corona summer, aren’t we.

2.  Before you know it I’ll be eyeball deep in a school supply list I should have shopped for in June.

3.  JK, last month nobody knew if we’d ever go back to school.

4.  I’m wondering how we’ll find some of those evergreen teacher requests though.

5.  Clorox wipes? I haven’t seen them in months.

6.  Hand sanitizer? Does DIY count?

7.  Paper towels? Well, this I’ve got due to a quirky Subscribe & Save list so score.

8.  Things we should add to that list: meditation tapes and anti-anxiety meds.

9.  Plus a wine-of-the-month subscription for your kid’s teacher. Just sayin’.

10.  I’ve been thinking lately about some of my childhood favs.

11.  Like going to the library. Stepping into that a/c and getting lost in the shelves was heaven.

12.  And when the neighbors pulled out a Slip ‘n Slide.

13.  Man, everyone threw on their suit and hit that yard, didn’t matter if you knew their kid or not.

14.  Parenting in the ’70s had a distinct “just be home before the streetlights go on” feel to it.

15.  Also Kool-Aid because who doesn’t love a sugary drink that makes you look like you’re hemorrhaging blood.

16.  Small segway – can you believe they used to sell candy cigarettes?

17.  They’d actually “puff” when you blew into them, too.

18.  [chipper TV announcer] “That’s right, kids – now you can smoke ’em, too! Swipe a beer and you’ll look just like that cool stoner down the block.”

19.  Sweet Jesus, it’s a miracle any of us turned out normal.

20.  Though I guess “normal” is relative.

21.  Anyway, I also loved my hula hoop.

22.  It’s the ultimate irony that prepubescent girls everywhere spent hours trying to master a toy made infinitely easier by hips.

23.  One of the few solid reasons hips are a plus.

24.  “If you don’t jump to put jeans on/Baby, you don’t feel my pain.”

25.  Anyone else with a teen girl get the reference?

26.  Life, sponsored by my kids’ TikTok obsessions.

27.  What else, what else…Charlie’s Angels, man, they were the BOMB.

28.  Also Schoolhouse Rock because, y’know, the learning and such.

29.  What will my kids reminisce fondly about in forty-six years?

30.  Here’s my top ten guesses.

31.  Netflix. All the content, all the time.

32.  YouTube. All the content, all the time.

33.  TikTok. All the content, all the time.

[Notice a pattern?]

34.  Chucks.

35.  Nachos. All the nachos.

36.  Skateboarding/Basketball.

37.  Phoebe’s UPS attack mode.

38.  Mia’s survival instinct.

39.  Gracie’s gastrointestinal adventures.

40.  Lake time. Ahhh…