Nothing breaks my heart like a broken link.

This shouldn’t be that big a deal. I’m reading a story, I click on the link, and zip! Nada! A Big Fat Nothing! I know it shouldn’t matter, what’s the big deal, but if I care enough to follow the link then I’m pretty bummed when I can’t follow to the source.

Gee, that was a really rambly sentence but if you were sitting at this table with me listening to the crazy stories then you’d understand. Frankly you’re lucky I’m not veering off into toilet disaster tales. ‘Nuff said.

Sometimes I wonder about the cause and effect of writing. Hear a bang downstairs – think slammed door – wonder who’s fighting and end up with a conflict resolution post. Hear a bug hit the glass – think smush – wonder idly if we’re destroying the natural habitat and link that to environmental erosion then we’re off to the races. The way ideas link together into a coherent post (or, in this case, a rather disjointed rambling) is a mystery to me.

I feel like grownup writers have all these professional answers to “what’s your writing process?” Like does anyone else include snack food in their writing plan? I feel like snack food and comfortable seating has an unusually high correlation to my post quality. At the moment I’ve had good snacks but I’m sitting in a pretty hard dining room chair so maybe that excuses this pretty weird stream of consciousness post.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Check out her blog for SoCS rules and links to other participants. This week’s prompt is “link.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!