Where Do You Not Mind Waiting?

If I’m comfy (cool in the summer, warm in the not-summer which in NC is around four months out of the year) and have something to pass the time I’m good anywhere. Books and magazines work; so does my phone.

What Is In Your Fridge Right Now? (you’re not required to give a comprehensive list)

A few random leftovers, chicken for Tuesday’s dinner, milk and OJ, a stockpile of almond creamer because running out is not an option, homemade salsa because mmmm, some gluten free bagels I may or may not eat, and baby spinach because apparently I’m now one of those people who wonders if they get enough iron.

If You Could Only Speak One Word Today, What Would It Be?


Would You Rather Be Trapped In An Elevator Full Of Men With BO Or Three Soaked Dogs? (this is with the codicil that C-19 doesn’t exist)

100% wet dogs. They may smell rank but it’s a constant level of smelliness – humans have a way of singeing nose hairs with B.O.

Please feel free to share something good about last week. This is NOT mandatory, it is just if you’d like to.

Partly sunny days filled with floatie time.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.