More and more I’ve got something stuck in my brain. Ever since I read Linda’s prompt I cannot get this song out of my head and that’s a serious problem. I don’t even like disco and here it is, camping out in my brain like it’s got a right to stomp around in there and FOR THE LOVE OF PETE COULD SOMEONE SHUT THIS UP.

“more more more! how do you like it, how do you like it”

Medium well, thank you very much.

I’ve been working with the kids on scarcity theory. [Hang in there with me now.] I find that we all have a basic mindset developed from a lifetime of experiences: either that there is a scarcity of resources so you have to take all you can or that there’s an abundance so everyone will get what they need. I don’t want to say it’s carved in stone and it takes serious work to undo the affects from childhood, but not constantly needing and wanting more? Priceless.

I do feel like we can do some generalizations here though.

Things we absolutely do not need any more of: federal forces occupying American cities, people sending death threat DMs on twitter to people they disagree with (seriously, wtf), attendance required theme parties at the office, steamed cauliflower, or wool scarves/sweaters/socks.

But things we absolutely need more more more of? Progress, meaningful dialogue about #WhatMatters2020, good sleep, chocolate, puppies to love on, seventy degree sunshiny days, soft t-shirts, open-mindedness, personal growth, and nachos. Definitely nachos.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “more.” Start your post with the word “more.” Enjoy!