1.  The kids start back with school two weeks from today. TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. Good grief.

2.  I always seem to stumble into this month stunned to realize I haven’t started working on the school supply list yet. And here I am, yet again, staring at my August calendar with dismay.

3.  My über level panic has something to do with the fact that I’m certain this start date is earlier than years past.

4.  Let’s not kid ourselves. A good part also has to do with the fact that I hated school supply shopping in normal times and corona times amplifies, well, everything. Including irritation about sorting through folders at Target.

5.  It’s also kinda funny how long it took me to write #1. For years it’s been a casual “the kids go back to school on ___” but nope, this year the language is all complex.

6.  “The students are back in session…” or “Classes go live on…”

7.  It might as well be “If we find a Wiccan who will offer a blessing under the full moon and Mercury’s not in retrograde then the kids can start back at school on ___.”

8.  I’m thinking that hand sanitizer might be a problem unless somebody’s got a black market hookup they’d be willing to share.

9.  Come to think of it, I might have to sell my soul for disinfecting wipes.

10.  It’s the two week countdown, folks. Help a girl out and send those high demand item resources my way.